Rules for Classifieds Amendment

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Rules for Classifieds Amendment

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Hi All

We've recently updated the rules in regards to the classifieds section.

You now need to have been a member for atleast 30 days, with an adequate number of posts to advertise your items for sale, this is for both Cars, Parts and Ebay items.

This is to help cut down on people just signing up to just spam the boards and swindle members out of money by false advertising. Those who scam don't normally go through the trials of sticking around and joining in with the forum to get stuff advertised.

Those who have something advertised at the moment can still update there topics as required.

No posting for sale items in the 'wrong' areas to get around the limits. YOU WILL BE WARNED AND THEN BANNED IF YOU CONTINUE

If you are a buyer, please ensure you are happy and confident with the seller before parting with money.

Please refer to the following post for the entire rule-set for the classifieds section:
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