Multiple projects by Johnny

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Re: Multiple projects by Johnny

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Just a kind of 3 year round up post, 1.2 arden got a new engine and got a set of cams and chipped, then fell off a lift, no one hurt but car trashed

Black c is still going strong and is awaiting upgrades at the back of the house, may be sold

Have a grey 1.4 corsa d atm not done alot with it yet not sure if i will lol

There's been a few other cars in between but I'm not sure which are in this thread so there's been a turbo Mondeo, vtec civic coupe, auto is300

I'm think that's this thread up to date minus pictures that I may dig up but probably won't lol
If it doesn't fit,
force it,
If it breaks,
It needed replacing anyway :thumbs: