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Corsa B 1.4

Post by gregb » Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:42 am

Greeting all
I need some help with a cooling issue I have experienced. I've had my car since new, and the temp gauge would sit on the 90deg mark and not fluctuate at all. Over the past year I noticed the temp gauge starting to move to the 95deg mark. The temp later rose to just under the 100deg mark and the fan does come on, but when the temp is hovering around the 100deg mark, it does not seem to make a big impact in reducing the temp. Since then I've replaced the water pump, thermostat and had the radiator flushed and new coolant added. This has resulted in the temp gauge fluctuating between 92degs and just over 95degs non stop.

I have since seen a thermostat rated to open at 82degs as opposed to the current 92degs now fitted. Can anyone tell me what the correct temperature rating thermostat I should fit to my car? also could the radiator still possibly have any blockages that may cause this issue.