Alloy Wheel Refurbishing !!

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishing !!

Post by Glentyan Alloys » Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:04 pm

Hi All,

I specialize in Alloy Wheel refurbishing in West Central Scotland.

Company is Glentyan Alloy Wheel Refurbishment.

We offer Alloy Wheel Refurbishment that includes:

Wet Coat Painting
Powder Coat Finishing
Buckle & Rim Repair
Alloy Welding & Repair
Diamond Cutting
Wheel Balancing
New Tyres

Wet Coat Painting is usually carried out with wheels needing minor repair i.e, Scratches, Kurbing and Paint Flaking. Colours can be normally matched to existing wheels reducing the cost of a full set to be refurbished. Full colour changes including 2 colour combinations also available

Costs For Painting: 13 Inch wheels to 18 Inch £25 - £30
18 Inch wheels to 20 Inch £30 - £35
20 Inch wheels + £40 - £45

Powder Coating is usually carried out with wheels that have corrosion and leaking rims. This process covers the face, rim and inner part of the wheel and more often requires full sets of alloys to be refurbished.

Cost For Powder Coating : 13 Inch wheels to 18 Inch £35
18 Inch wheels to 20 Inch £40
20 Inch wheels + £45
£5 per wheel for new Valves and Balancing

All Prices are exclusive of VAT

For other prices on our services please contact me:

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