*Info* Multi Function Display with an Aftermarket Head Unit

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*Info* Multi Function Display with an Aftermarket Head Unit

Post by Octane2097 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:10 pm

Been Looking at the wiring diagrams and found somthing intresting about the MFD (TID) or whatever you want to call it

first of all the TID (or the MFD whateva you want to call it)
one thing is i been having alook at the wires that go to it
1st intresting one is pin 5 a black wire which has the speed pulses like what your speedo uses
if you press and hold the 2 buttons down for about 10 seconds then it should display somthign like F95 then the current speed in KPH then a test display

second thing i have found is with an Aftermarket head unit is the date will disapear when it is swiched on
this is because with the original vauxhall stereo it had no display, and uses the date display to show RDS and CD information, since most aftermarket headunits have their own display it remans blank once you add a aftermarket headunit.

on the back of the MFD theres a small plug with all the wires in,
Pin 8 which is a red/grey wire which carrys the data from your original head unit to the info display
in theory if u wer to cut this wire or remove the pin, the date would stay on if your after market hed unit was on.......

of course i have no way of testing but if someone could it would be nice! it used to annoy the hell out of me when i swiched my CD player on and the date disapeard!
Here is the corrosponding wires from the back of the MFD and what they do.

01 Permanent 12V Always on 12V, keeps the clock running.
02 Temperature + Temperature for TID
03 Ground 0V Ground connected to the chassis
04 Temperature - Temperature for TID
05 Accessories 12V when the key is on accessories. The display goes on.
06 Headlights 12V when headlights are on.
07 Dashboard illumination Signal for the strength of the dashboard lights
08 Car-radio on The date will disappear and make space for the RDS signal
09 SCL Serial Clock
10 MRQ Master Request for standard headunits
11 SDA Serial data from the radio
12 Speed Speed signal for displays with temperature readout.