*Guide* Lowering Rear Suspention

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*Guide* Lowering Rear Suspention

Post by Octane2097 » Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:07 pm

------->Pictures Comming Soon<-------

Rear Suspension
Guide on how to remove and refit the Rear suspension
its alot simpler than front suspention will be adding pictures as soon as i have got them all scanned and uploaded.

Loosen all the rear wheel bolts, jack up each rear corner of the car in turn, and support using an axle stand under each rear jacking point. Remove both rear wheels, then using a jack directly under each suspension arm; raise the rear arms slightly,
So they're both supported.

Now go into the boot, and unclip the access panel from the rear shock upper mounting and Pull off the rubber cap fitted over the top nut.

Now Using a two—spanner technique (similar to that used on front
Suspension) loosen and remove the shock top Locknut and the main nut underneath. It’s a 16 mm and 7 mm spanners two more unpopular spanner sizes.....

With the nut removed, take off the top plate/washer and the mounting rubber below.
Repeat this process on the other side.

Back down below, and making sure that suspension arms supported, loosen the shock
Lower mounting bolt, unfortunately these can be very prone to seizing -
So LOTS of WD40 might be needed to free the bolt!

To remove the rear shock, it will be necessary to lower the
suspension arm slightly until it‘s free. You shouldn't have to lower the arm very far for this, but if you do, keep an eye on the brake pipes, and make sure they're not placed under any strain.
Pull the shock down to free it from the top mounting, and remove it from the
Wheel arch.

Repeat the process on the other side, so that both
Shocks are off.

Before removing the old springs, the rear brake compensator needs to be disconnected.
Bear in mind that the rear brake compensator is only fitted to larger engine corsa’s so 1.0s and 1.2s have these build in to the brake pipes which nether needs removing or modifying.
First, loosen the clamp bolt at the front of the compensator spring then unhook the
Back end of the spring. The compensator will probably have to be modified to
Work anything-like-properly with the lowered suspension, it's held on the rear axle
By two nuts.

To avoid damaging the rear brake pipes as the rear axle is lowered, they must be unclipped from various points. At the top of the axle on each side, remove the
Horseshoe clip securing the hose-to-pipe union in its bracket, and release the pipe.
Follow the brake pipe down the axle and suspension arm, unclipping it from the plastic clips — if possible, do this by hand (without tools) to avoid damaging
Break the pipe.

Slowly and carefully lower the jacks under the suspension arms. Stop every inch or so, and check that the brake pipes aren't getting caught up and strained. Eventually, the rear springs will virtually fall out.

To refit the new dampers simply refit the same way you removed the old ones, bear in mind you will have to refit the springs first!

When fitting the new springs, be guided by the writing
Printed on them as to which way up they go. Fit the springs
To the moulded-in lower spring seat then carefully raise both jacks, watching the brake pipes as before, and engage the spring tops with their top seats. If you don't get it right first go, lower the arm again, and have
Another bash. Have to make sure it’s lined up properly Just take care of those
Brake pipes!
Peugeot 207 Sport 1.6 VTI (120)