"Guide" Fitting a Backbox

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"Guide" Fitting a Backbox

Post by Octane2097 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:14 am

Before you get started its best to remove the nearside wheel for this,
It isn’t essential but will make it much easier.

PLEASE DONT try doing this with just a couple of jacks, it is highly recommend you get some ramps or axel stands and make sure the car cannot move as your going to be banging about underneath it!

First thing to do is loosen off the clamp holding the back box on to the rest of the exhaust system and remove it.
If a bit rusty try some WD40.

The back box its self is suspended on 2 rubbers, there is a metal clip behind these to stop it sliding off, use a flathead screwdriver to prise them off sideways.
Then persuade the back box to come off the rubbers
This part can be tricky try WD40 or washing up liquid to lube it up!

then its time to pull off the back box, now this part really IS a pain, a good deal of shouting and swearing will be required,
Best bet is to bash towards the rear of the car it with a large mallet and soak the joint in WD40.

Once removed clean up the joint area on the front pipe use wire wool or a wire brush, then smear exhaust assembly paste all over the joint I recommend
Holts Firegum, try not to get too much inside the pipe as it will harden and block up your new free flowing exhaust system!

its time to offer up your new back box, once in position I would run another ring of exhaust assembly paste around the joint to be sure,
Now you need to clamp it down,
I did find on mine that the old clamp I removed wouldn’t quite fit round the pipe so I used some exhaust repair stuff:
http://www.4wheelplay.co.uk/flexiwrap-s ... 00230.html
It’s got gum on the inside you just wrap it round the joint, tighten it up and the heat from the exhaust hardens it to a gas tight seal.
make sure its nice and tight, although if you are re-using the original clamp don’t do it up too tight or it may cut a hole in the pipe, and that’s an MOT fail!

Then just pop the pegs back on the rubbers again washing-up liquid maybe required, put the clips back on the end and hey presto you’re done.

At this point id recommend starting your engine and blocking up the exhaust with a rag to check for leaks, as again a leak is an MOT fail.
But let it warm up first as the Firegum gets harder once it’s hot.

Good Luck!
Peugeot 207 Sport 1.6 VTI (120)