"Guide" Fitting a Rev Counter

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"Guide" Fitting a Rev Counter

Post by Octane2097 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:16 am

Changing Clocks

Information on how to remove your instrument cluster from your corsa b
In order to change the dials or fit a rev counter.

All Corsa Bs come with the necessary connections to run a rev counter with no wiring to do whatsoever.
First of all check your original speedometer, to make sure you get the right clocks
If yours starts at 10 you need a mechanical set if it starts at 0 you need an electronic set.
Don’t worry this is actually quite simple, just make sure the clocks you get start at the same number as your own Speedo!
Its also worth making sure you get a set of clocks from a similar engine car otherwise your Speedo will work fine but your rev counter may be out
In other words if your have a 1.2 8v try to find clocks from a 1.2 8v or as close as you can get.

First off, remove the 3 Crosshead screws from the lower shroud of the steering wheel, (where the ignition key goes in)

Then Turn the steering wheel 90 degrees one way, prise out the cap and remove the screw.
Rotate the wheel 90 degrees back the other way and repeat the process.

Now with a bit of persuasion the lower shroud should come down, take out the rubber grommet which sits around the ignition key hole.

Then remove the 3 screws from the panel surround, there’s 2 at the bottom ether side and one in the middle up top.
Then the surround should lift free.

Now there are 2 screws to remove in the bottom corner of the instrument cluster
So remove these 2 screws and if you’re lucky the clocks should now lift free.

If you’re not so lucky the reason why your clocks won’t come out is because you have an old fashioned speedometer cable,
If this is the case, trace the thick cable under the bonnet down to the screw on connection at the gearbox, and then unscrew it, this should give you enough slack to remove the clocks and unclip the cable from behind the Speedo, then the clocks should come free 

Obviously to refit just redo this in reverse, if you do have a Speedo cable make sure you re-tighten it back up on the gearbox or your Speedo might not work correctly!

Good luck!
Peugeot 207 Sport 1.6 VTI (120)