Free gift to all Classifieds Advertisers*!!

Got anything you want to sell? Please post details in here!
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Free gift to all Classifieds Advertisers*!!

Post by Joff » Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:41 pm

Ok, so there's no free gift... but you're here now so read please.

Cars and Items For Sale
All items posted for sale in the Classifieds forum MUST have an associated price. Anyone posting without a base price is likely to have their advert removed without warning.

Ebay Auctions
Corsa-B doesn't mind you posting an advert for your ebay auction, provided you include the following in your listing:
  • You put the word "ebay" in the thread title
  • End date and time is listed in your post
  • You include a description of the item (a simple cut and paste of your ebay listing is fine)
  • If you've uploaded an image to ebay, then put that in your post using IMG tags
The full extent of the rules regarding the Classifieds.
If you don't read then don't complain when your post is removed.
No more Corsa :(